Wonder. Terror. Romance. Horror.
by Renee Cronley The hour is late and the walls within the castle rise out of the darkness like black curtains hiding sinister secrets. Merry music coming from the great hall pours into my ears. The king is entertaining the lords and ladies of his court with dancing, troubadours, and wine. The jubilant noises grow faint as I approach until dissipating into... Read More
by Troy Seate The red boiling disc disappears, leaving only an explosion of orange above the dark abyss that is my jailer. The surf creeps onto the shore like an eyelid closing over the sand. The metronomic certainty of its cadence should be soothing, but the eerie moment of silence between slaps of water is like the silence before a scream, the... Read More
by Eleanor Sciolistein That this tale will be met with disbelief, I have little doubt. Yet, I am forced, by conscience and duty to recount, as best I can, the details of my downfall and my lurid descent into infamy. My hope, is that by making this confession I may find some measure of forgiveness for my transgressions. For I assure you,... Read More
by J.L. Royce Je veux dormir! dormir plutôt que vivre! Dans un sommeil aussi doux que la mort…C. B. Shunned by family and friends, rejected by my class, reduced to frequenting the low establishments still willing to take my coin: I visit public houses slopping wretched ale, their filles de joie offering the most desultory of embraces. Life had become a desperate... Read More

They who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night. 

-Edgar Allan Poe