Wonder. Terror. Romance. Horror.
by Richard M. Ankers I created her from the cracks in my psyche, those deepest, darkest places. She took time, craft, composure, and a spade, but since losing… I had time aplenty. I moulded her limbs from liquid porcelain poured into such exquisite casts as to demean an angel, fired them with my heart and cooled them with my soul. Her body... Read More
by Jelena Dunato Trigger warning: Mental health themes 16th June Henry sent Dr. Jones to see me today. It was a clever move; the good Doctor has known me since I was a little girl and if anyone could persuade me to act reasonably, Henry probably thought it would be him. “Alice,” he said as he entered the room, “How are you?”... Read More
by Hailey Piper Father never told me why he made Mother sew her lips shut. He did it before I was born, and I had to find out his reasons for myself. Of course I asked him. I had endless questions, as if I spoke double to make up for Mother’s forced silence. Often I bombarded him as he boarded a rented... Read More
by Karl Lykken Our old house loomed almost mansion-like while Sheriff Buck led Charlotte and me down the overgrown front path. It struck me as funny, considering how small it had come to feel over the past few years, but I couldn’t quite seem to laugh. Father opened the door before we even reached the porch. I suppose I should’ve appreciated that,... Read More

They who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night. 

-Edgar Allan Poe

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