Love Letters to Poe, Volume 1: A Toast to Edgar Allan Poe


Raise a glass in a toast to Edgar Allan Poe with this jam-packed gothic anthology, including 12 themed issues containing 48 short stories and 7 poems from 55 masterful weavers of gothic fiction.

Take a tour through Poe’s Baltimore home, experience “The Tell-Tale Heart” through the old man’s eyes, go corporate at Raven Corp., witness “The Fall of the House of Usher” from the perspective of a hidden Usher sibling, and much more.

Included within the Love Letters to Poe anthology are:

  • Issue 1: A Toast to Edgar Allan Poe
  • Issue 2: Blood is Thicker
  • Issue 3: Disciplines & Darkness
  • Issue 4: Everlasting Life
  • Issue 5: Memento Amori
  • Issue 6: Modern Gothic
  • Issue 7: Poe Reimagined
  • Issue 8: Midwestern & Southern Gothic
  • Issue 9: Your Body is a Canvas
  • Issue 10: Weep for Me
  • Issue 11: Parenthood
  • Issue 12: Don’t Look Behind You

Don’t miss the award-nominated stories “The Heart of Alderman Kane” by Eleanor Sciolistein and “Midnight Rider” by Melanie Cossey, both nominees for Poe Baltimore’s Saturday ‘Visiter’ Awards.

Curl up with Love Letters to Poe and enjoy these haunting tales!

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