Love Letters to Poe: Vol. 1, Issue 7 (Poe Reimagined)


Is there truly such a thing as too much Edgar Allan Poe? I don’t think so! And if we can’t have more from the man himself, without crossing some treacherous, supernatural lines, then we’ll have to turn to the next best option – writing it ourselves. 

Issue 7 is brimming with no less than six Poe-inspired pieces – five tales and one poem. 

This inventive collection of gothic tales includes “Corporate Culture” by Robin Pond, “A Line of Crows” by TC Grassman, “The Heart Tells the Tale” by J.E.M. Wildfire, “The Bird Whisperer” by Richard Zwicker, “To Have and to Hold” by Sharmon Gazaway, and “The Fall of the House of Poe” by Evan Baughfman.