53 Best Edgar Allan Poe Gifts for Fans

Edgar Allan Poe-Themed Gifts for Every Occasion

Are you looking for a special gift for the Poe-lover in your life? Here’s a collection of the 53 best Edgar Allan Poe-themed gifts for fans.

Apparel & Accessories
Kitchenware & Culinary

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Apparel & Accessories

1) “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe Shawl

This beautiful gift is cozy and soft and can be worn as a shawl or a scarf. With the title and first page of Edgar Allan Poe’s poem “The Raven,” this is an excellent gift to keep your Poe-lover warm in cooler months. Also available in “Annabel Lee.”

2) “The Raven” Scarf

With a quote from Poe’s “The Raven” poem, this thick, black, infinity loop scarf is certain to please any Poe-lover.

3) “The Raven” Fingerless Writing Gloves

Chances are if you’re a fan of Poe, then you might dabble in writing. Keep your hands warm while you write with these poetic gloves.

4) Edgar Allan Poe-ka Dot Socks

Celebrate Poe with these modern-style Poe-ka dot socks.

5) Quoth the Raven Graphic T-Shirt

Share your love for Poe with this lightweight, cotton t-shirt.

6) Vintage Nevermore Poe Shirt

Go vintage with this nevermore shirt featuring Poe and his raven.

7) Edgar Allan Poe Nevermore Enamel Pin

This literary enamel pin is sure to stand out in any collection.

8) Edgar Allan Poe Engraving iPhone Case

Brood with Poe on your phone with this dashing iPhone case.

9) “There is no beauty without some strangeness” Necklace

From Poe’s “Ligeia,” this abbreviated quote provides poetic flair to your adornments.

“There is no exquisite beauty…without some strangeness in the proportion.” -Edgar Allan Poe, “Ligeia”

10) Crescent Moon Raven Nevermore Necklace

Charm your way into any Poe-lover’s heart by gifting them this beautiful crescent moon necklace. In the center, sits a lovely raven and the word “Nevermore.”

11) “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe Book Earrings

Wear Poe’s “The Raven” book charms as earrings and show off your love for American gothic poetry.

12) Edgar Allan Poe Pouch

Bigger than it looks, this adorable pop Poe pouch can store all sorts of your bits and bobs for daily use.

13) Love Letters to Poe Tote Bag

Carry your Poe accessories and books in this unique tote bag and show your love for Edgar Allan Poe.


14) Love Letters to Poe, Volume I: A Toast to Edgar Allan Poe

Love Edgar Allan Poe and want more? Explore original gothic stories and poems inspired by Poe in this award-winning anthology.

Take a tour through Poe’s Baltimore home, experience “The Tell-Tale Heart” through the old man’s eyes, go corporate at Raven Corp., witness “The Fall of the House of Usher” from the perspective of a hidden Usher sibling, and much more.

15) Love Letters to Poe, Volume II: Houses of Usher

Whisper the words “The Fall of the House of Usher” and you conjure strange imagery… a brooding, black tarn… sullen siblings… the frenzy of undeath…

This famous story, published by Edgar Allan Poe in September 1839, continues to hold sway in our society over one hundred and eighty years later. This volume is composed of thirty stories and poems inspired by this great gothic work.

16) Love Letters to Poe, Volume III: Tales Torn From the Heart

The upcoming third volume of the Love Letters to Poe anthologies, inspired by Poe’s classic story, “The Tell-Tale Heart.”

Love Letters to Poe, Volume III: Tales Torn From the Heart sitting on a table

17) The Reason for the Darkness of the Night: Edgar Allan Poe and the Forging of American Science

An innovative biography of Edgar Allan Poe―highlighting his fascination and feuds with science.

18) What Moves the Dead

T. Kingfisher delivers a gripping and atmospheric retelling of Poe’s “The Fall of the House of Usher” in this fabulous novella.

19) His Hideous Heart: 13 of Edgar Allan Poe’s Most Unsettling Tales Reimagined Book

Aside from the gorgeous cover, this books houses some of Poe’s original works along with the reimagining of several of his tales.

20) Poe for Your Problems: Uncommon Advice from History’s Least Likely Self-Help Guru Book

When life’s got you down and things aren’t going your way, who better to turn to than Edgar Allan Poe? Discover how to say “nevermore” to your problems in this darkly comedic and refreshing self-help guide.

21) “The Raven” Pop-up Book

Designed by a master paper engineer, this unique pop-up book is an artful take on Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” poem.

22) Poe Skull and Raven Bookends

Sure to bring joy to any bookworm’s heart, the mustachioed Edgar Allan Poe skull and raven perched on a skull are a great bookends for a gothic-inspired bookshelf.

23) Engraved Wooden Bookmark with Suede Tassel

This gorgeous bookmark is handmade from high grade sustainable hardwood and features beautiful natural grain cherry in the center, bordered along both sides by intricately accented inlays made from a variety of wood combinations and includes a laser engraving of a poetry quote by Edgar Allan Poe. A green suede tassel adds a finishing touch!


24) Nevermore Quilt

Nevermore will you be cold with this quilt set (is there such thing as a mom joke?). Regardless, this lightweight quilt is perfect – classy with a sprinkling of Poe’s ravens.

25) Edgar Allan Poe Wall Clock

Watch the pendulum of time swing with this Poe wall clock that makes our dear gothic author look quite handsome. Look closely, ravens brew in his locks.

26) Raven Skull Jewelry Dish

Allow these dark raven wings to cradle your rings in this elegant gothic jewelry dish.

27) The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe Pillow Cover

A classy pillow cover in white and black vintage styling, this gift is a must have for any adorer of “The Raven.”

28) Nevermore Throw Pillow

With a pop of modern color, this throw pillow quoths the raven backlit by a beautiful moon.

29) Edgar Allan Poe A Dream Within a Dream Throw Pillow

“All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.” 

This dreamy pillow features the famous quote artfully written around poe’s portrait on both sides. 

30) Edgar Allan Poe Insanity Throw Pillow

“I became insane with long intervals of horrible sanity.”

This famous quote graces this wonderfully modern depiction of Poe on a throw pillow.

31) Vintage Raven Pillow Case

There’s no shortage of ravens on this list. Here’s a lovely pillow case with a particularly elegant-looking raven in a subtler reference to Poe’s works.

32) Edgar Allan Poe Candle

Inspired by the man himself, this soy wax candle offers scents of cardamom, absinthe, and sandalwood. The vintage look and “A Dream Within a Dream” quote are sure to please.

33) Edgar Allan Poe Secular Saint Candle

Illuminate your altar to the great gothic secular saint. Edgar is aptly noted as the patron saint of bohemians, cryptography, and detectives.


34) Nevermore Raven on Pallas Athena Bust

Straight out of “The Raven” itself, this sturdy, detailed bust of Pallas Athena is an excellent addition above your chamber door.

35) Raven Skull Figurine

Made from solid cast resin, this raven skull is engraved with intricately sculpted scripture from Poe’s “The Raven” poem.

36) Raven Perched on Rose-Adorned Skull Figurine

Can you ever have enough ravens on skulls on a pile of books? This darkly romantic figurine is sure to add a gothic flair to your home.

37) Funko Pop! Poe with Book

Were he alive to see himself immortalized in the cutest way possible, I’m not sure he would be all that thrilled. Regardless, this is the most darling representation of Poe.

38) Funko Pop! Poe with Raven

Because of course there are multiple Funko Pop! of Poe – this one has a raven.

39) Funko Pop! Poe with Skull

And this one has a skull! Perfect for a desk or bookshelf.

40) Edgar Allan Poe Bobblehead

A detailed bobblehead, have Poe nod at and encourage you while writing during a midnight dreary.


41) Edgar Allan Poe Tarot Cards

Stunning illustrations based on Poe’s tales of the mysterious and the macabre adorn this lovely, uniquely-Poe tarot deck.

42) Edgar Allan Poe Guitar Pick

Lucky enough to know someone who love Edgar Allan Poe AND plays the guitar? Here’s the perfect gift.

43) Edgar Allan Poe Coloring Book

Destress after a long day with this gorgeously illustrated adult coloring book. Includes excerpts from “The Tell-Tale Heart,” “The Pit and the Pendulum,” “The Fall of the House of Usher,” and more.

44) Edgar Allan Poe Deck of Playing Cards

Gather the family around as you play card games with these Edgar Allan Poe playing cards.

45) The Poe Tarot

From artist/author Trisha Leigh Shufelt, comes this whimsical Edgar Allan Poe tarot deck.

Kitchenware & Culinary

46) “Poe Me A Cup” Mug

Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with this cleverly punned Poe mug.

47) Raven Mug

Perfect for coffee and tea lovers, this adorable raven mug is a classy and cute way to celebrate Edgar Allan Poe.

48) Poe’s Famous Quotes Mug

Start your day in style and soak in some of Edgar Allan Poe’s most famous quotes while you sip on your morning coffee or tea.

49) Edgar Allan Poe Black Tea

If you’re getting a mug or tea cup as a gift, consider creating a full package with this black tea inspired by Edgar Allan Poe. This black tea blend is smoky and steeps a blood-red color.

50) Edgar Allan Poe Magnetic Poetry Kit

Create poetry on your fridge, locker, or cabinet with over 200 themed magnetic word tiles in the vein of Edgar Allan Poe.

51) Edgar Allan Poe Kitchen Magnets

Six gothic magnets for an office, fridge, or locker make a nice gift or stocking stuffer.

52) “Raven” Cookie Cutter

Treat yourself to raven-shaped cookies with this adorable cookie cutter.

53) Pop Poe Coasters

Poe will protect your coffee table with these brightly colored coasters of the man himself.

Wishing you the best of luck in finding the perfect Edgar Allan Poe gift for your loved one. Hopefully you found something that will delight them in this list.

If you do, please consider telling them you found it on Love Letters to Poe. They may also enjoy the works we publish inspired by Edgar Allan Poe.